Director for Communications Job Description

AAUW Greater Naples Branch

Director for Communications

The Director for Communications shall:

  1. Have overall responsibility for internalandexternalcommunicationsandforpublicationsoriginatinginthe
  2. Chair the communications committee that may include assistants, such as a newsletter editor, web manager, social media chair and/or publicity chair. The Director for Communications will recruit the committee members, but they must be appointed by the president with the approval of the board or the executive committee.
  3. Develop a communications action plan with specific and measurable goals.
  4. Be responsible for:
    1. Updating on a timely basis the branch website.
    2. Publishing or distributing board and branch meeting minutes to the members.
    3. Issuing regular newsletters for the members.
    4. Issuing public communications advertising the public meetings and other activities of the branch.
  5. Maintain records of all communications issued by her and her assistants to the general membership.