Secretary Job Description

AAUW Greater Naples Branch


The Secretary shall:

  1. Keep accurate minutes and records of the meetings and actions (including any actions taken without a meeting, such as action taken via electronic means or unanimous written consent) of the branch meetings, the board, and the executive committee, and keep up-to-date minute books.
  2. Submit the minutes for review and send final minutes to appropriate recipients.
  3. Submit final minutes for posting on the website.
  4. Have available at all such meetings a copy of the minutes of all meetings of the current and previous year, as well as a list of branch officers, chairs and
  5. Have custody of the organizational documents of the branch, and its bylaws, policies and authenticate branch records.
  6. Ensure that the required notice of each meeting is given and that a quorum is present.
  7. Sign with the president or another director specifically authorized by board resolution, in the name and on behalf of the branch, any contracts or agreements authorized by the board.
  8. Make arrangements for space for meetings of the Board of Directors and for telephone participation in such meetings.
  9. Perform all other duties incident to the office of secretary as may be assigned to her by the board.

The secretary may nominate an assistant secretary to take and transcribe meeting minutes from time to time who shall be appointed by the president with the approval of the board or the executive committee.