Director for Finance Job Description

AAUW Greater Naples Branch

Director for Finance

The Director for Finance shall: 

  1. Serve as chief financial officer of the
  2. Chair the Finance Committee and recruit committee members, which shall prepare the annual budget for approval by the board and the
  3. Submit the proposed budget, as approved by the Board, to the Director for Communications for publication to the membership in advance of the October meeting at which the membership is to vote on the budget.
  4. Appoint a Financial Review committee after the books are closed on June 30. The committee shall consist of at least two branch members and shall complete its review by August 31.
  5. Arrange with the board to establish authorized check signers.
  6. Deposit to accounts authorized by the board all funds received.
  7. Timely remit to AAUW and AAUW Florida, in accordance with applicable AAUW rules, all AAUW and state dues received and reports required to be submitted by branch financial officers.
  8. Process and submit AAUW contributions in compliance with proper financial accounting procedures and Internal Revenue Service regulations.
  9. Timely pay all bills approved in the budget or otherwise authorized by the executive board. Payments of $1000 or more shall be co-signed by or otherwise expressly approved in advance by the president.
  10. Retain in good order all financial statements, IRS forms and correspondence, tax certificates, a letter in good standing or tax determination letters, paid checks, deposits, and supporting documents, communications to all members issued or authorized, and submit the financial records of the branch for inspection by persons authorized by the board or by law.
  11. Have the responsibility with the Director for Membership for notifying members of dues payable and delinquent, and keep the Director for Membership informed on a timely basis of all dues payments and non-payments by branch members.
  12. Have lead responsibility with the president for the branch’s annual IRS Form 990 or any version or successor form and for any other tax or other filings required by federal, state or local governments.
  13. Prepare regular monthly and annual branch financial reports analyzing actual performance against budget, and submit them to the members and the board.
  14. Make recommendations to the board regarding insurance coverage and the financial health of the branch.
  15. Maintain a key to the branch post office box and check for mail received on a weekly basis. Distribute mail as appropriate, to individuals or items for the Charitable Foundation to designated person for Charitable Foundation.

The Director for Finance may nominate a Treasurer to be appointed by the president with the approval of the board or the executive committee. If a Treasurer is appointed, the Director for Finance may delegate to the Treasurer any of her duties specified herein, with the prior approval of the board or executive committee.