Public Policy

AAUW GNB’s Public Policy Committee promotes the public policy agenda of our national, state
and local organization. The Committee members are both pro-active and responsive to issues
that affect the advancement and well-being of women and girls. Members are kept informed of
matters of public concern via Washington Update, Action Alerts/The Two Minute Activist from the national organization, and e-mails from the Co-Chairs of the GNB Public Policy Committee. The following are specific areas of interest where members take the public policy lead for the local organization:

  • AAUW National & State Liaison
  • Local Organizations Liaison
  • Collier County Public Schools Liaison

At the heart of AAUW is its promotion of equity for women and girls through pro-female legislation, a strong public school system and a nurturing community.

We Support Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties including:

  • a woman’s right to make reproductive choices
  • the separation of church and state in all public institutions
  • the election/appointment of women to public offices, boards and commissions.

We Support a strong Public School System that

  • welcomes diversity in its students and faculty
  • teaches and exercises tolerance
  • offers females equal opportunities in academics and athletics including science,
    technology, engineering and mathematics
  • vigorously enforces Title IX and all other civil rights laws pertaining to education
  • provides adequate and equitable funding for quality public education for all students,
    striving for quality in faculty and curriculum
  • provides for comprehensive sex education
  • requires nonpublic elementary and secondary and charter schools receiving public
    aid to adhere to the same civil rights and accountability standards required of public

We Support a Community that

  • that provides opportunities for advancement and a safe environment for all citizens
  • that promotes economic self-sufficiency for women and equal wages for the same or similar work
  • that provides accessible and affordable health care for women and children
  • that protects its environmental resources

Additional Contacts and Sources for information:
The state AAUW office at:

The national AAUW office at: (follow the “click action” link)

Local government agencies:

Florida state government at:

U.S. federal government at: