Public Policy

Greater Naples Branch AAUW

Public Policy – January 2022

The Greater Naples Branch Advocacy Team met on April 25, 2022, with Enrique Padron, the Southwest Florida Director for Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, in his office in Naples. The team presented an introduction to AAUW and the Greater Naples Branch, statistics about the impact of COVID on women in the workforce, the need for childcare and pre-kindergarten education, and the importance of paid sick and family leave for all workers. Our “ask” was for Representative Diaz-Balart to support funding for programs and grants for childcare and pre-kindergarten education in the 2023 budget, continue the expanded child tax credit payments, and increase the federal minimum wage.

AAUW advocacy team members

AAUW advocacy team members pictured with Mr. Padron are (left to right) Beverly Friese, Carol Light, Barbara Richardson, Cathy Hackney, Carol Siwinski, and Mary Schell.

At the heart of AAUW is its promotion of equity for women and girls through pro-female legislation, a strong public school system and a nurturing community.

We Support Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties including:

  • a woman’s right to make reproductive choices
  • the separation of church and state in all public institutions
  • the election/appointment of women to public offices, boards and

We Support a strong Public School System that:

  • welcomes diversity in its students and faculty
  • teaches and exercises tolerance
  • offers females equal opportunities in academics and athletics, including science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics
  • vigorously enforces Title IX and all other civil rights laws pertaining to
  • provides adequate and equitable funding for quality public education
    for all students, striving for quality in faculty and curriculum
  • provides for comprehensive sex education
  • requires nonpublic elementary and secondary and charter schools receiving public aid to adhere to the same civil rights and accountability standards required of other public schools

We Support a Community that:

  • provides opportunities for advancement and a safe environment for all citizens
  • promotes economic self-sufficiency for women and equal wages for the same or similar work
  • provides accessible and affordable health care for women and children
  • protects its environmental resources

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