Interest Groups

Branch Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

NOTE: Dates of meetings and locations of all Special Interest Groups appear on the “Events” Tab.

Groups of members with common interests meet regularly during the season in homes of members and elsewhere.  Interest groups provide opportunities for education, self-development, socialization, and involvement in the branch. All members are welcome to participate in all Special Interest Groups. Members are welcome to create additional special interest groups for membership involvement.

Fiction/Non-Fiction Book Group – Chair: Susan Becker
The Friday Book Group meets November through April on the second Friday of the month at members’ homes. Year-rounders continue to meet several times from May through October in a local restaurant.  From a list of both fiction and non-fiction releases gathered during the year, members vote each Spring on the titles of their choice for the upcoming season. Readers enjoy learning more about people, places, and ideas!

Great Decisions – Chair: Carol Light
Members discuss, debate, and gain insights about US foreign policy issues.  This interactive program utilizes the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions briefing book. Discussions are led by member volunteers.  New members are welcome to join. 

Movie and a Meal Group – Chair: Chris Basler
This group goes to matinee movies on the third Wednesday of the month normally at Silverspot or Paragon. Those who have expressed interest in this group receive an email on the Thursday or Friday before the outing with information about newly released movie choices.  The members of the group vote on the movies and whether to lunch before or after. We have a good time! 

Non-Fiction Discussion Group – Chair: Karen Clegg
This book club reads serious non-fiction. Generally, the book club meets on the last Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Government Center on Orange Blossom Road or members’ homes.  Locations and any exceptions for dates are noted on the Special Interest Group. Calendar. 

Non-Sequitur – Chair: Nancy Beights
The Non-Sequiturs are a group of interesting women, with a wide diversity of beliefs, even on the topics we are discussing!  We all want to hear what you have to say, and we know how to disagree without being disagreeable.  We learn from each other and always have a great time together.  That’s what smart women do!   The group normally meets in the evening on the second Thursday of the month.

To reach the Special Interest Group leaders please use CONTACT US.