President Job Description

AAUW Greater Naples Branch


The President shall:

  1. Shall have general charge and supervision of the business and affairs of the branch, subject to the direction of the Board of Directors.
  2. Promote AAUW’s mission and serve as the official representative of the branch in activities of the AAUW, the region, the state and at any other meetings and functions where a branch presence is required.
  3. Serve as the official channel of communication between AAUW, AAUW Florida and the branch and approve all communications to the membership at large.
  4. Have lead responsibility for compliance with AAUW policies and agreements and timely submit to AAUW and AAUW Florida all such reports, forms and information as presidents of branches are required to submit.
  5. As provided in the bylaws, with the approval of the board or the executive committee, appoint appointive branch officers.
  6. Appoint special interest group Leaders and chairs of committees, and serve ex officio on all committees, except the nominating and financial review committees.
  7. With the board, develop and implement a strategic plan that advances AAUW’s mission.
  8. With the board, develop and implement plans for the branch’s fiscal health, monitor the branch’s finances, and sign off on expenditures as appropriate.
  9. Sign, with the secretary or other officer authorized by the board, any legal documents the board has authorized to be executed.
  10. Have responsibility with the Director of Finance for the branch’s annual IRS Form 990 (or any version or successor form) and for compliance with any other applicable federal, state or local laws. Help prepare the branch budget.
  11. Help prepare the branch budget.
  12. Prepare the agendas and preside at all meetings of the board, executive committee and branch.

The President may, with the authorization of the Board or Executive Committee, delegate any of these duties to the Vice President.