Director for Public Policy Job Description

AAUW Greater Naples Branch

Director for Public Policy

The Director for Public Policy shall:

  1. Chair a non-partisan public policy committee, and recruit committee members, to develop a branch public policy program consistent with the AAUW Mission, using the AAUW Public Policy Priorities as a guide. The annual legislative and social action issues for branch action must be approved by the board.
  2. Advocate for AAUW priorities to policy makers, elected and appointed officials, AAUW members, and, if requested to do so by the president, to the public and the media.
  3. Lead AAUW voter education and turnout campaigns for the branch.
  4. Maintain regular contact with the AAUW Florida Public Policy chair to keep the branch members informed and to share successful branch strategies with state leaders.
  5. Provide current information on national, state, and local legislative/social action issues through regular reports at board and branch meetings, and in the branch newsletter.
  6. Keep informed on Legal Advocacy Fund cases and provide current information through reports at branch meetings.