Director for Membership Job Description

AAUW Greater Naples Branch
Director for Membership

The Director for Membership shall:

1. Have responsibility for developing and maintaining branch membership in compliance with AAUW membership policies.
2. Shall chair a membership committee and recruit committee members to assist in planning and implementing recruitment and retention strategies, and in analyzing data on branch membership renewals, recruitment, and reasons for non-renewal. Develop a membership action plan with specific and measurable goals, with the overarching goal that every member and prospective member perceive that they are welcomed and valued.
3. Develop and manage a process for the integration and orientation of new members.
4. Seek out opportunities to promote AAUW membership at branch and community events. Set up Branch Meeting Hospitality table with sign-in sheets and refreshments. Have Membership Committee members at Hospitality table to greet members and guests.
5. Maintain (or cause to be maintained) a membership book (directory) containing, in alphabetical order, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all current members and maintain all the membership directories in Director for Membership branch files.
6. The appointed Treasurer maintains dues records, receives member information changes, edits the national roster, and keeps the Directory Editor, the Director for Membership, and recipients of the Email list informed.
7. Coordinate with the Directors for Communications, Program, and Public Policy to promote member development and engagement.
8. Welcome new member with welcoming email and send new application to all Board Members and SIG Committee Chairs.
9. Promptly deliver to the Director of Finance all membership dues received. Dues are mainly being collected by credit card directly to national and by check directly to the PO Box. The Director for Membership and the Treasurer receive new member information from applications sent directly from the website.
10. Have ongoing communication and coordination with the Treasurer for notifying members of dues payable and delinquent, and work with the Treasurer to keep accurate records of all renewed, new and terminated members.
11. Maintain copies of all communications between Director for Membership and members.
12. Attend and participate in AAUW membership and leadership trainings via webinars, workshops, and conventions/conferences.
13. Perform all other duties incident to the office as the board may prescribe from time to time.

The Director for Membership may nominate one or more assistants (such as Directory Chair, Recruitment Chair, Retention Chair, Hospitality Chair, and/or Member Relations Chair) who may be appointed by the president with the approval of the board or the executive committee. If assistants are appointed, the Director for Membership may delegate to such assistants any of her duties specified herein, with the prior approval of the board or executive committee.